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Yoga in Harmony with nature

Sab, 08 Giu 2019 13:00 - Dom, 09 Giu 2019 14:00

For a week-end combining the pleasure of clean and fresh air to yoga wellness in harmony with nature and its energies.

Saturday afternoon: session of  hasya yoga, Laughter Yoga.

Hasya Yoga is a revolutionary idea developed by the indian doctor  Madan Katari, that combines exercises encouraging unconditional laughter with Pranayama,  yoga breathing that harmonizes body and mind, providing more oxygenation to brain and body in order to strenghthen the immune system.

Time: 90 minutes


Sunday morning: session of hatha yoga

Tecnique of posture, awareness and breath for a smart movement!

Every beginner practitioner will be conduced to  yogic practices, according to their own abilities.

Time: 90 minutes


A session of plantar reflexology with an additional cost can be integrated to these sessions of yoga, with the same teacher.

Arrival: on May 4th

Departure: on May 5th

This offer includes: : double session of Yoga

Accomodation: full board

Welcome Light lunch

Dinner, bed and breakfast

Cost: 210 Euro per person

(minimum number of participants 10)


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